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Dinner at the Court of the King

In the Corte De Su Re (Court of the King), time really has stood still

The bricks used for the floor and the stone columns date from the 17th century; the wooden tables are adorned with typical Sardinian panniers; and the vibrantly coloured plates are enamelled iron.

Elevate your senses and enter a new dimension, conveyed by the warm Sardinian hospitality and its superb food and wine.

Behind the front gate you will be met with a real court offering a matchless experience; greeted by exquisite local wine, accompanied by almond-based specialities and, you will look up and a stage will open in front of you, epitomising Sardinian culture and tastes.

The path is artfully marked by candles and ferns, making this a most exclusive, inviting atmosphere: from the clay and wood oven where Barbagia ladies prepare bread and pasta to the roasting pit where juicy meats are cooked, following the tradition. A triumph of scents and tastes, combined with the joy and charm of Sardinian traditions: traditional artefacts are seen alongside Tenores singing or dance groups putting on their fabulous show. Here, everything speaks of authenticity and the beauty of the Sardinian culture, lived to its fullest in this authentic Sardinian hamlet.

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