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  • Cuisine

    A fogu lentu

    Sardinian cuisine expresses a simple approach to life, imbued in its cheeses, spit-roasted meats, pane carasau, handmade pasta, olive oil and distinctive wines.

  • A la carte Typical Restaurant

    Su Gologone’s restaurant is spread across a terrace with stunning views and rooms decorated with Sardinian art and crafts.

    The scent of meat slowly roasting over an open fire is bound to entice you in!

  • Dinner at the Bread's Nest

    Su Gologone’s Nido del Pane ( ‘Bread Nest’ ) lies at the heart of the hotel.

    Here you can watch how Sardinian women, dressed in typical Oliena traditional costumes, have been making bread for centuries.

  • Dinner at the Court of the King

    In the Corte De Su Re (Court of the King), time really has stood still

    The bricks used for the floor and the stone columns date from the 17th century; the wooden tables are adorned with typical Sardinian panniers; and the vibrantly coloured plates are enamelled iron.

  • Dinner in the Herb Garden

    Enter the most genuine tastes

    Relaxing amid scents of herbs and on soft cushions, savouring aperitifs with the pale sun setting behind Mount Ortobene

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