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Water, water everywhere….

Samuel Taylor Coleridge may have aptly caught the feelings of a man lost at sea in his “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, and indeed pristine, unbelievably blue waters may spring to mind when any island is the talk of town.  Sardinia, however, has its own history, traditions and customs; once you have uncovered some of its astonishing secrets, you will feel it’s a continent in its own right.

Sardinia’s strategic position sitting between Europe and Africa and its rich mineral reserves – mainly silver and lead -, as well as a fertile arable land, have brought tidal waves of invaders from the Stone Age onwards. A proud, strong land with a rich cultural past, the Sards have not allowed time and the elements to erase their story. And what a story that is! Beyond impenetrable mountains and a wild hinterland, you will discover hidden gems that will amaze you, amid an air of mystery hanging over the island like a shroud.

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