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A fogu lentu

Sardinian cuisine expresses a simple approach to life, imbued in its cheeses, spit-roasted meats, pane carasau, handmade pasta, olive oil and distinctive wines.

At Su Gologone, mealtimes are saturated with the fragrances and flavours of Barbagia. Our (low carbon-footprint) breakfast is a delectable offering of Oliena honey, conserves, cheeses and charcuterie, as well as our own breads and pastries. Lunch and dinner are laced with local character too. Savour maccarones de busa (handmade bucatini) and culurgiones (ravioli filled with local ricotta), porceddu allo spiedo (spit-roasted suckling piglet), and seadas al miele (honey fritters). Meals with us will be memories that linger!

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