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Dinner at the Bread's Nest

Su Gologone’s Nido del Pane ( ‘Bread Nest’ ) lies at the heart of the hotel.

Here you can watch how Sardinian women, dressed in typical Oliena traditional costumes, have been making bread for centuries.

A treasure trove of unexpected ideas, you will even find a garden dedicated to the famous graphic novel, Tex Willer, at Su Gologone. After having visited its staggering collection of succulents, a door opens onto the Bread’s nest, dedicated to the many types of Sardinian bread. There will be a baking demonstration of bread and focaccia with vegetables and aromatic herbs, followed by various tastings. A joyful meal ensues, with a choice of appetizers, a soup and pasta tasting and cheese-based specialities.

The desserts and digestives will be served in the Terrace of Wishes, a superb space where a big urn contains the various messages written on the spur of the moment.   If you wish upon a star, then, what better chance to gaze at them than the astounding Stargazing night in the nearby Terrace of Dreams?

Astronomers will guide you in the staggering recognition of the many stars in the pristine, Sardinian sky, making this an unforgettable experience.

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