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Welcome to Su Gologone

The authentic soul of Sardinia

Walking through the door of an unexpected world, where nature has its home, art is everywhere and Sardinian traditions embody life. Su Gologone is not a hotel, it is an experience. A pleasant surprise in every corner, a warm smile with every gaze.

In exquisite Barbagia, a severe and yet surprising stretch in Sardinia, the sea a few dozens of miles away, hides a world full of junipers and embroidery, terracotta and inlaid work, Sardinian artists of the Novecento and a strong culinary tradition. Su Gologone started, in fact, as a restaurant in 1967. The founder, Giuseppe “Peppeddu” Palimodde wanted to offer traditional food in an area full of bandits, close to the Su Gologone natural spring, an idea was met with initial scepticism. An yet, with the help of his wife Pasqua, capable of concocting sublime dishes, the first restaurant in Oliena became so popular that people came from far and wide to taste its delicacies. The love for Sardinia epitomised in the food prepared with care and dedication.


Following such a success, there came the idea of offering accommodation to the clients: the initial eight rooms became thirty-three in 1975, up to the current seventy. Still, calling them “rooms” would be diminishing; they are, in fact, journeys into Sardinian art, culture and hospitality. Giovanna Palimodde, daughter of Peppeddu, is the author of the external décor and the room arrangement. From the magical Bar Tablao, theatre of unforgettable aperitifs, to the Terrace of Dreams and of Wishes, where you can gaze at the stars, without forgetting the marvellous Botteghe d’Arte Su Gologone Style ®.  An explosive, tireless mind, Giovanna reinvents the décor every year: each visit thus becomes a new discovery.


Unspoilt nature, the sense and taste for Sardinian art, the love for authentic, exquisite cuisine. Come and discover the secrets hiding in this magical Sardinia location.

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