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Botteghe d'Arte Su Gologone Style ®

Attu a manos

The passion we have for Sardinian culture starts in our craft studios.

Embroidery, textiles, ceramics, jewellery, woodwork and wrought iron objects, all created by skilled master weavers and artisans, are displayed across the Botteghe d’Arte. Some pieces are limited editions; others are unique.  

Everything used to furnish Su Gologone can be purchased here. Displayed in a beautiful piece of 1940s furniture, there are also infusions, essential oils and bath products made using aromatic herbs like myrtle, juniper, helichrysum reared in our garden.

Botteghe d'Arte Su Gologone Style ®

Su Gologone’s six studios are housed in former stables, and showcase artworks and artisanal objects crafted in the ‘Su Gologone’ style. This is where extraordinary embroidered shawls, sculptural iron and woodwork, and remarkable ceramics take shape.

If you feel like getting creative, we run classes in sewing, embroidery, origami, mosaic, drawing and painting. 

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