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Tex Willer's Garden

This garden is dedicated to Aurelio Galleppini, the creator of Tex Willer, the main character in the Italian comic strip Tex.


He never left Italy but drew his inspiration from the white karstic stone and rocks of this part of Sardinia, where the landscape is similar to the deserts of the Wild West.

Aurelio Galleppini, aka Galep, was an artist and illustrator who created the famous Tex Willer graphic novel in 1948. The white, karstic rocks, typical of the area, were a source of inspiration for his stories. At the Experience Hotel Su Gologone, you will be able to sense America’s Far West in the Tex Willer Garden. Cactus and succulents are arranged in a stage-like set, with a superb hammock at the end, from which you can contemplate the Sardinian countryside: an invitation to take part in the scene, just like a work of art would do. How can we resist entering such an alluring scene? This is indeed a unique, spectacular corner that bears witness to Giovanna’s immense love for nature and Sardinian traditions.

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