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Easter Season 2015

Easter spent in Sardinia means discovering one of the most authentic and moving traditions of the island. We have put together some holiday suggestions that will lead you to take part in these ancient, stirring traditions. 2 or 3-day...


In the spring, after the winter rains have gone, Sardinia is clothed in green and filled with a thousand Mediterranean fragrances. For those who wish to discover the area and its treasures we have organized an activity-filled...


Let yourself be guided by the warm and comforting aroma of bread in a journey of discovery of the mainstay of every Sardinian table. Because bread is not only food – it is history and tradition. 2-day stay Prices from €200 per...

Art and Creativity

The “Su Gologone Style” boutiques are truly ateliers of design, ceramics, painting and embroidery where unique and precious pieces are created. They become didactic workshops where you can express your own creativity....

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Su Gologone experience hotel
El escenario es el de la Barbagia, en el corazón de Cerdeña, tierra rica de tradiciones, historia, olivos seculares y viñedos que aparecen esparcidos aquí y allá por las laderas del Supramonte, donde el aire huele a mirto y romero.
Loc. Su Gologone - 08025 OLIENA (NU) SARDEGNA

Telefono 0039 0784 287512 - 287552 - Fax 0039 0784 287668


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