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Bread, wonderful bread!

The sight and smell of freshly baked bread has a romantic appeal that transcends any other culinary accomplishment(Elisabeth Luard)Have you ever seen how carasau bread grows in a wood-fired oven? Do you know what the ingredients of a...


Just before dawn and at dusk, when Su Gologone slips into the blue hour, take a yoga class in the aromatic setting of the Herb Garden, or high on the Terrazzo dei Desideri, where land meets sky. At the end of your lesson, lay back in a hammock or...

Una notte nell'arte

Sardinia’s art titans opened the world’s eyes to the island’s creative genius. To celebrate their work, Giovanna Palimodde, dedicated 12 of the hotel’s suites to these artists, giving guests the rare opportunity to stay amid genuine...

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Su Gologone experience hotel
El escenario es el de la Barbagia, en el corazón de Cerdeña, tierra rica de tradiciones, historia, olivos seculares y viñedos que aparecen esparcidos aquí y allá por las laderas del Supramonte, donde el aire huele a mirto y romero.
Loc. Su Gologone - 08025 OLIENA (NU) SARDEGNA

Telefono 0039 0784 287512 - 287552 - Fax 0039 0784 287668


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