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An intimate, reserved space next to the Tablao Bar.

Food & Drink

You will find French and national bubbles, alongside ham, strawberries and local delicacies.

Not only will you find art and passion for Sardinian culture and passion at Su Gologone, but real love for delicious food, wine and champagne of various types. The hotel was born, in fact, as a restaurant and the pleasure of Bacchus are never far away. Thanks to her unbounded fantasy, Giovanna Palimodde created an intimate, reserved space, next to the Tablao Bar, where you can savour French and national bubbles, accompanied by local delicacies. Enjoy the delicate colours of the linen, lie on the superb sofas and relax in the shade, contemplating the superb Corrasi mountain silhouette, coming alive with sublime colours at sunset, or admire the extraordinary starry nights of Barbagia for a night to remember.

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