Art and creativity

The “Su Gologone Style” boutiques are truly ateliers of design, ceramics, painting and embroidery where unique and precious pieces are created. They become didactic workshops where you can express your own creativity....


In the spring, after the winter rains have gone, Sardinia is clothed in green and filled with a thousand Mediterranean fragrances. For those who wish to discover the area and its treasures we have organized an activity-filled...

Bread, wonderful bread!

 The sight and smell of freshly baked bread has a romantic appeal that transcends any other culinary accomplishment(Elisabeth Luard)Have you ever seen how carasau bread grows in a wood-fired oven? Do you know what the ingredients of a...


Just before dawn and at dusk, when Su Gologone slips into the blue hour, take a yoga class in the aromatic setting of the Herb Garden, or high on the Terrazzo dei Desideri, where land meets sky. At the end of your lesson, lay back in a hammock or...

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Su Gologone experience hotel
Twenty-five kilometres from the nearest beach, Su Gologone lies in the heart of Barbagia – a part of the island rich in traditions and history. Ancient olive trees and vineyards cling to the slopes of the mountainous Supramonte area, where the air is fragrant with myrtle and rosemary.
Loc. Su Gologone - 08025 OLIENA (NU) SARDEGNA

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Easter Season 2018

Come descrivere la Settimana Santa in Sardegna? In una parola: emozionante.Venite in Barbagia a vivere un’esperienza autentica, riti ancestrali e paesaggi di inizio primavera, venite a vivere